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Coronavirus Test Results

HiTech Air Solutions has concluded a one-hour surface time kill test on the coronavirus. Results show a greater than 82% destruction rate of the coronavirus on a surface at a 10 foot distance and 90% destruction rate at a 1 foot distance one hour after the Air Reactor was turned on in the test lab.  No pre-conditioning of the room air was allowed prior to the start of the test.

Results show a 90.0% destruction at a 1 ft distance and 82.21% destruction at a 10 ft distance away from the Air Reactor

The study was conducted at Microchem Laboratory in Round Rock, TX and the report was released on March 24th, 2020.  The full test report is available below.

This testing demonstrates that the HiTech Air Solutions Air Reactor is capable of destroying the coronavirus on surfaces without the virus having to pass through the machine.

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Coronavirus Surface Viability

Research published in 

The New England

Journal of Medicine 

found that SARS-CoV-2

can survive for hours and in some cases days on a surface, depending on the type of surface it's on.

The study looked at the viability of the virus in air and on plastic, stainless steel, copper, and cardboard surfaces.


It found that the virus remained viable in air for the entire three-hour experiment. The study found that no viable SARS-CoV-2 was detected on the copper surface after four hours, and on the cardboard surface after 24 hours.  It was still able to be detected up to 72 hours later on the stainless steel and plastic surfaces.

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