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Wrestling is such a close contact sport that we see a  much greater opportunity for skin infections than in many other sports.  The trauma from wrestling also can cause skin wounds and abrasions that can pickup germs from the mat and cause infections.  An outbreak of MRSA can potentially side-line an entire team.  Using stabilized Super OH molecules, the HiTech Air Reactor creates a SAFE environment by DESTROYING the following in your facility:


  • MRSA







  • MOLD


  • ODOR

Wrestling Gear

Over 95% Reduction

in infection rates during the

first year of use of the Air Reactor


Oklahoma State University

Model 110

The Model 110 is our most popular unit for locker rooms, workout rooms, and practice rooms.  The Model 110 is designed to address up to 40,000 cu.ft. of air volume - that's 5000 sq.ft. with 8 foot ceilings or 2000 sq.ft. with 20 foot ceilings.

MODEL 110  Store.png
Model 101 Store Image.png

Model 101

The Model 101 is a great option for smaller practice rooms, locker rooms and equipment rooms.  The Model 101 is designed to address up to 12,000 cu.ft. of air volume - that's 1500 sq.ft. with 8 foot ceilings or 600 sq.ft. with 20 foot ceilings.  When using the Model 101 in an area with showers or where you are prone to strong musty odors, we suggest limiting a single unit to approximately 6,000 cu. ft. of air volume (e.g. 750 sq. ft. with 8 ft. ceilings).

Aerial View of Wrestling Match

John Smith

Wrestling Coach

Oklahoma State University

“The HiTech Air Reactor is the best thing we have EVER come across to keep our wrestling room clean”

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