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We all want to get our students back into the classroom safely.  In-person learning is best for many reasons, but we also realize that the concerns around COVID-19 are real and we must balance health and safety with an optimal learning environment. At Hi Tech Air Solutions we created the Air Reactor to solve problems like this.  The Air Reactor is a cutting edge purification system that can assist schools in creating a safe haven in

the classroom. Now you can welcome

back those smiling faces with confidence!

How it works

The Hi Tech Air Solutions Air Reactor uses Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Technology where the combination of water vapor in the air, Ultravilot (UVC) light and our Titanium Dioxide based Technosite formula combine to produce stabilized super Hydroxyl (OH) Radicals.

Did you know, the U.S. Congress has authorized COVID emergency relief funding for public and non-public schools to purchase air purification devices like the Hi Tech Air Reactor?   

There are two models of the Air Reactor that are each designed to address different sized rooms within your school.

HiTech Air Reactor Model 101 School Deployment

The Model 101 is our small portable unit that is perfect for classrooms, office suites, sick rooms and staff lounges.   More info.

HiTech Air Reactor Model 110 School Deployment

The Model 110 is our most powerful portable unit - designed to address larger spaces like libraries, cafeterias, band rooms, locker rooms, and workout rooms.  More info.

Here's what a typical deployment of the two models might look. We will work with you to develop a custom deployment plan for your school that meets the needs of your specific facility.  Contact us today by completing the contact form or reach out via phone or email.

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