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Damage from flooding can linger long after the water is “gone”.

From small floods caused by an overflowing sink to whole house floods caused by frozen pipes or extreme weather, flooding can cause devastating damage to your home or business - but did you know it can have devastating damage to your health too? Mold can grow in as little a 24-48 hours and some mold require very little moisture to thrive. Even with remediation often mold and mold toxins are left behind and can cause great physical damage to our bodies.  The HiTech Air Reactor can help those impacted by water damage by destroying the mold and mycotoxins flooding can leave behind. 

Signs of mold and water damage can sometimes be hidden behind a wall or cabinet or underneath the floor. Small amounts of moisture left trapped can cause dangerous levels of mold and mycotoxins to invade your indoor environment.  Help protect your family and create a safe haven inside your home or business with the Air Reactor. 

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