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"Dead" mold?

Dust Particles

When dealing with Toxic Mold, one of the biggest misconceptions out there is that “dead” mold can’t make you sick. Even when the moisture source has been removed and the mold dries out, the spores are still there! Mold becomes dormant with no water source; it doesn’t just die.  Worse yet, once the mold has dried out, fragments of the mold spores break off and become airborne. These smaller-sized fragments have longer lifetimes in the air compared to larger spores and can penetrate deeply into our lungs when inhaled. Spore fragments are many times smaller than the whole spores they break off from and can often bypass even HEPA filtration.

The HiTech Air Reactor destroys mold spores, spore fragments and mycotoxins produced by toxic molds by breaking down and destroying the molecular structure of the contaminates so that they no longer exist. Don’t just filter, DESTROY!

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