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How it works

The HiTech Air Solutions Air Reactor uses Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Technology where the combination of Ultravilot (UVC) light and a Titanium Dioxide based proprietary formula combine to produce stabilized Hydroxyl (OH) Radicals that destroy mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, VOC's, formaldehyde, mycotoxins as well as other contaminates by breaking down the molecular structure of the harmful molecule.


HiTech Air Solutions offers several sizes of the Air Reactor which are suited for use in both residential and commercial applications.  All Air Reactors produce the same stabilized Super Hydroxyl Radicals which are projected out to search out and destroy contaminates in the air and on surfaces.​

PICTURE OF MODEL # 101 sm.png

Model 101

Coronavirus Testing 

Test results show a greater than 82% kill rate of the coronavirus

on surfaces 10 feet away after running the Air Reactor for


Model 101 Update_sm.jpg
"in each location where Stachyboturus mold spores were found in the initial sampling, it has been eradicated when the follow up sampling was conducted.  In my years of property inspections and environmental assessments, I have never seen this type of results.  Your system stands above all other systems I have ever had the occasion to be involved with sampling on.

 - Dick A. Lee Sr., AIEH, LHI  - 

“I moved into an apartment that seemed to smell fresh and clean. Within a couple of days, I began to smell smoke and my breathing was affected. I have suffered from Asthma for a long time and must be very careful with my surroundings.
The next morning after the machine was installed in my apartment; the odor had diminished and after 3 days was completely gone. It is now easy to breath and my Asthma is steadily better.
I would highly recommended Hi Tech Air Reactor Machine to anyone who has smoke or other odors in their home or business.”

 - Lou Hilburn - 

“I was amazed in the results of the removal of carcinogens and contaminates in my home by your unit.  My headaches stopped and I have felt a lot better.  I would highly recommend this unit to anyone who may suspect they have a problem with air quality in their homes”

 - Carolyn Little Axe-Sadongei- 


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