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Is your Christmas Tree making you sick?

If you’re like millions of others, you love having a fresh cut Christmas tree in your home during the holidays. For many it brings back memories of their childhood and others just love the fresh cut smell. For those with mold sensitivity, it may also bring with it many un-festive symptoms as well. Did you realize that your live Christmas tree brings millions of mold spores with it into your home?

Pine trees begin to decay and produce mold spores that release mycotoxin into the air as soon as they are cut. It only takes a few short days for the spores to start replicating and building up in an indoor environment. Do you notice that you start to feel sick shortly after you bring the fresh cut tree into your home? For those that have had a previous mold exposure, do you start to feel symptoms of mold illness return shortly after you bring in the fresh cut Christmas tree or fresh cut wreath?

In a 2015 study conducted by The National High School Journal of Science "Household air samples were taken from families in the Washington Township, New Jersey area both before and during the winter holiday season. Data shows that there is a substantial (100%) increase in the number of mold spores in the air when a family introduces a live Christmas tree into the home. Families that use artificial Christmas trees also experienced an increase in mold, and those that did not use any type of tree during the winter holiday season did not see an appreciable increase in airborne mold. 42% of participants with underlying respiratory disorders (such as allergies) experienced an increase in their symptoms when there was a live tree, versus 13% if an artificial tree was used. These results indicate live Christmas trees carry mold which causes a seasonal flare-up of allergy symptoms in susceptible individuals."

Your enjoyment of that fresh cut tree doesn’t have to mean that you now have to be miserable from mold cross-contamination for weeks or months to come. The HiTech Air Reactors destroy mold and mycotoxins at the molecular level both in the air and on surfaces, which means you can destroy the cross-contamination of mold and mycotoxins throughout your home.

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